CNC path doesn’t follow the trace

Could some one explain me why that’s happened

Looks like a null radius issue with the kerf compensation
Was this a .dxf import?
Can you share the file? We’ll have a look at it.

Sometimes if there is a tiny artifact in the originating file it break the math in the kerf algorithm
You could try changing you kerf to a slightly different value and see if it can finish the calculation properly

Finally I cut the pieces, trimmed the line of the curve and the deviation disappeared

At times I find there is an open line in the drawing. in Autocad , try using the “pedit” command to close and create a closed polygon.

There is danger in that, when there is only one polyline, Arcdroid will set the geometric center to zero. I’m not absolutely sure, but when there are several polylines, it does the same for all of them.

Hi Andrew… having a similar issue with those random orange lines off the actuall design. Tried Kerf setting in Tuning with not change. I am currently running a 1.5mm tip Kerf setting 1.95. Tried changing Kerf settings .5, 3,5,10. The issue is still there.

@idelcespedesk What did you do to correct your issue.

Thank you in advance!

I just broke the trace twice 1/16 and the issue disappeared. But I don’t know, test and error is my way.

Hi Andrew, I already upload the file. I have a Router CNC to, time to time, when curves have tags,it make something like this issue.,