Design Washer

Andrew made a video on how to design washers , does anyone have a video going slower?

If your having problems using Simple Trace to layout a washer to cut I’m sure we can walk you thru it here on the forum.

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Just click on the gear icon and slow the video down…

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Bob , I set the arm on the cutting field , set to zero, select trace, select circle ,click button , screen show’s x 0.000 , y 0.000 , dia. 0.70, select the blue arrow back button , select green arrow button screen show’s x 0.000 y 0.000 dia. 0.700 lead 0.50 r cut. select check button screen goes back to the main draw screen and show’s one circle The circle is still selected click button x 0.000 y 0.000 dia 0.700 lead 0.50, r cut , I left x and y at 0.000 and changed dia. to 1.40, click the check button screen show’s x 0.000 y 0.000 dia, 1.40 lead 0.50 change to l cut screen show’s both circles select red back arrow , exit , exit then hit run it only runs the last input (1.40) . What am I doing wrong?

@rdmotorsport It may be because you didn’t save and load the trace file.
So, from the beginning.
Turn droid on, and home.
Hit settings(cogged wheel), file name, type washer, ok, exit.
Move arm to where you want the washer, hit zero
Hit trace, circles, circle. Click stylus or push knob
Enter dia. and R cut, green check
Click stylus or push knob for second circle (od of washer
Enter dia, L cut, green check
Now both circles are showing
Red check
Hit save, looks like a pc diskette, hit ok
Washer (tap file name you saved)
Hit run

Still does the same thing you can see both looks like a cd disk but only runs the last one enter. It doesn’t make any sense. I made a 2min video but unable to share.

BobD, I did it and it works if I set the inside of the washer on center cut.

Yes, I find Andrew’s videos are very quickly explained !
Slow down for us old folks !

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@rdmotorsport Doesn’t make much sense that it works by changing to centercut…. What do you have the kerf set at? Did you try going back to right cut to see whether it works after successful centercut run?

My kerf was set at 1.17, I change it to 0.65 and run the rcut and it worked. Thanks BobD