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I have updated both my firmwares today, and since the update the cut order button doesn’t seem to be reordering my cuts. It will always starts with the first thing i traced (outside box). Any help?


Hmmm we have not seen that happen …any chance you can share the file you are having trouble with?

I will get it uploaded in the morning for you. It was just a simple caster wheel foot plate made using simple trace.

I have almost the same problem, but I can sort mine once…After that I have to reload the part to go back.

Hi @Andrew

sorry for taking so long to get this uploaded. here is one of the files i am having an issue with, it was all made with simple trace. I have tried resetting the arcdroid, making the file and saving then clearing it and reloading it and i can’t seem to get it to re-order the cut. it always wants to start with the boxes and not the holes.

56.gcode (5.8 KB)

also i have a question about the new pattern function. When i create a square with 2 holes, then hit pattern and make 4 total pieces. it is changing my holes from 2 to 6. i have pictures below. How can i change this or stop it from changing my design?

Many thanks


Sorry for the delay

Yep we’re aware of the BHC and cut order issues and in fact we’ve already fixed em!
Grab the new update on our downloads page and it’ll sort it for you


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