Emergengy stop button

hi everyone. Wondering if anyone could help me out. I had a clamp obstructing the arm and in order to not ruin the engine of the arm, I pressed the emergency stop. Everything shut off. After resetting my power outlet I try to turn on the cnc arm without success. Any hints on how to fix this?

Simply PULL the E Stop button out to reset it!! It locks in the stop position until reset.

what e stop is this something new or are you retro fitting?

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I’m wondering the same thing.

On some models (I think later versions and units sold in Europe) have a smallish E-Stop button on the back plate, just above the power connector. My unit has this.

It wouldn’t be hard to make one online with your power cord that way you could mount almost anywhere.

mxuteuk 120V 10A Magnetic Switch Table Saw Safety Switch Power Tool Switch Emergency Stop Push Button Switch G017: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific

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The internal Estop cuts the DC power from the PSU to the motors and control board instantly. By cutting the AC power in to the unit, it stays active for 2 or 3 seconds thus hindering stop times.

My problem is that my unit did not come with a e-stop and I don’t want to mess with the inside wiring 2 to3 second delay is better than me trying to stop a hang up or hit with out major damage.