Finally got it together!

I have this squawking noise when the head lifts up? What can fix that?


@Ian I don’t think your getting enough vertical flex in your plasma lead. You have a slick setup. Just need more of a loop in the plasma lead. Your overloading the Z.

Thanks Bob. I spent a fair bit of time trying to work out the length of those arms so they would not cross over and so they would allow the head to move freely. It might be the camera angle but the slack in the pipe is taken up with the arm swinging forward or back. Even when it is fully down their is still plenty of slack. Thanks for taking the time to notice this.

The noise only occurring when lifting?

My Son and I got ours up and running this weekend.



Give us a call we can do a little trouble shooting with the Z noise.
Pretty sure we just need to adjust a couple setting to handle the monster of a torch you have on it!


Thanks Andrew, the torch is part of the kit Machinery House (Hare and Forbes) sell here in Australia. While it looks big it is probably no heavier than a standard torch plus it does not have 2 meters of hose hanging off it. We may have to converse via txt as our time zones are miles apart.

What tweeks would you suggest?

Thanks Ian

I agree with BobD. Just MHO.

Is everyone building their own table? Be nice to see a table from arcdroid as an accessory to buy. Just finding all this today so a newbie here! But that is the exact setup I was thinking of but can’t find one to buy any place.

We all buy an Arcdroid for the fabrication possibilities so it really only makes sense that modifying or scratch building a plasma table happens. People come up with different ideas for their needs and space and build to suit. There are no wrong answers.


@cashxx Here is a link to mine, not as visually appealing as some, but very functional, made from scraps on hand mostly… Link - Click here

Mine does the same noise, I thought it was normal.