Noise when lifting cutting head

Hi - have now had the Droid for some time and still marvel at what it can do. One unintended feature mine has is that it makes a squawking noise when it lifts the head to commence a new cut. The noise is coming from within the main body area - not the arm.

Has anyone else experienced this and what is the fix?. Thanks


Yup common with some of the older units
Quick fix go to
Settings ->Machine Settings->Max Acceleration-> Change the Z value to 25
Next go to Settings-> Machine Settings → Driver Current-> Change Z value to 1400
Early defaults were a little aggressive and depending on the torch head you have it may just be struggling to keep up speed wise

If the problem persists give us a call


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Thanks Andrew, I changed the first value from 30 to 25 as you suggested. The second value was at 1400. Unfortunately it made no difference. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks

Give us a call 705-345-5702

You may need a Z replacement kit


Thanks Andrew - I am in Australia - so time zones will be an issue. I will try and text you my email address and we can pm via that media.