Has anyone used the LASER STYLUS

LASER STYLUS has anybody used it, is the price an error I can’t afford one till next month.

It’s $37 dollars……how much cheaper does it need to be?? From the picture the dots are bigger than the tip is. Not sure how that increases accuracy versus just bringing the tip down to the print.
I generally punch in hole center dimensions anyways.

I was thinking that its to low, or maybe a typo I like the concept

@Bob Lasers are notorious for not photographing well … the dot is about .8mm in diameter significantly smaller than the tip and it allows for no contact centering on stuff so trust me it’s handy.
The tip is now also alloy steel to improve longevity as well.


@Andrew Very good. Will have to give one a try. Does the laser turn on and off with the trace pushbutton or is there another switch? Laser powered by the Droid or batteries in the stylus?


Laser on full time when plugged in… powered by the ArcDroid

Just put my order in!