Laser Stylus?

Just ordered the Arcdroid and X2 indexing table, but they are out of the stylus. I don’t know if I really need it, but I am curious if anyone here knows when they are back in stock. Thanks,

I got it but dont use it the red dot from the lazer is just to big and outer edge is fuzzy but i’m old and bad eyes to me useless to get a good trace. Went back to original stylus. Just my opinion may want to check it out your self. I have seen some those that liked it. Just i don’t, money i wasted.

Anthony from Alabama

What stylus have you gone back to, if you don’t mind me asking? I don’t know what the laser’s purpose is, but for tracing, I’d rather have the stylus contact the part that I’m tracing.

I went back to the one that came with my ArcDroid and yes it contacts my template

Anthony in Alabama

I find the laser to help when tracing lots of curved lines, pic 1. I can use two hands to move the holder and a thumb on the button. The tip is counter sunk like the normal stylus so you can still use the corner and center tools, pic 2. If you use the corner tool as a height gauge you will have a very small dot, the dot is at an intersection of two pieces of masking tape, pic 3.