New Laptop Time

Hey Guys! It’s time for a new laptop. Wondering what features/specs you guys have to run Fusion 360. I want a laptop that’s capable of being in the work shop with me so I can draw things up to cut quickly. Thanks

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I’m looking too, I found this from Autodesk, and a quick search shows a few comparisons with a top 10 list, I’m a Mac guy, so that’s where I’m headed…System requirements for Autodesk Fusion 360

Good luck !

Hey thanks a lot. I’ll have a look!

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Guys, this setup works great for me.
It’s not a laptop, but half the cost though too.

Beelink SER5 Mini PC AMD Ryzen 5 5600H (up to 4.2GHz) 6C/12T, 16GB DDR4 500GB M.2 NVME SSD Graphics 7 core 1800 MHz, Mini Gaming Computer WiFi 6/BT5.2/Triple Display Dual HDMI+Type-C

I have no issues with Fusion 360. It runs smooth. At a minimum get a machine with at least 16GB of RAM. Good Luck! :+1:

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Wow ok that’s not a bad idea also. Will that computer handle the dusty environments of a shop over time?

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So far so good. Had it since December. I blew it down with the compressor a couple times since then. When I’m done with it, I cover the monitor and computer. Also have a keyboard cover.

Waterproof Computer Monitor Dust Cover, Luxiv Black Full Body Cover for Computer Screen Anti-Static LCD-Silky HD Panel Dust Cover 21W X 14H X 3.5D


Has anyone looked into design and drawing with Shapr3d? I’ve been using it for 3d printing work and it’s way easier to use than fusion. One license works on every device you can carry in the shop, ipad, laptop, imac, desktop… I just have not tested the waters on porting to sheet metal work so am curious. I often forget the lack of the third dimension when plasma cutting so not sure how well it is suited for porting to a cutting tool.

Friend of mine uses it for printing too, can’t help but not liking monthly payments on something like that. I use Blender for nearly everything i do and that’s free and very capable but maybe a bit overkill for this.

BTW which screen arm is that please op ?

Would all depend on what you’re using the program for.
With fusion, you can save the file as a gcode, and watch on screen how the machine will cut your work out prior to putting it into the droid.
If you can save into DXF then no reason you couldn’t use shapr3d. Sheet thickness could be used as your 3rd dimension.

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@soontekk this is what I used for the monitor and ArcDroid screen. Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore but there are a bunch of others on Amazon to consider. Good luck! :+1:

Joy Seeker Single Monitor Arm with USB, Fully Adjustable Monitor Desk Mount, Heavy Duty Gas Spring Computer Monitor Mount for 13 to 32 Inch Holds 19.8lbs Screen with Clamp and Grommet Base, Black

Cheers @bobplewajr ,
I use these arms a lot and i have a 3D printed system to hold my Huion drawing screen.
Always on the lookout for newer better ones, i like how they integrated usb in yours.

I have wondered about blender but just have not taken the time to see if it works on cross platform stuff. I think it probably doesn’t but will look into it at some point. I know it’s becoming more capable and features being added to it all the time.