The Droid Has Landed

I received the X2 a few days ago and the Arcdroid arrived today. I’ve been looking at how others have built their tables and believe that I will go with a water table. Some great ideas/designs out there, just have to figure out what will work best for my space (10’x16’). It will be in a standalone outbuilding, there is heat but boy is it cold here in NE Ohio. Can’t wait to get started on the build.

Congratulations Nick hope you have as much fun with yours as i have. I am not cad savy so the Arcky was just the thing i needed. Also have the X2 but as my old bones will not take the cold and shop not heated. It will be a few more weeks before i can get it up and running. And also going to do a table modification to accomodate the X2. I am sure you will love both. Show us you work and share the dxf file you think might be used by others. Hope to see your posts in the future and yiur work. Got a great group here so most problems solver quick. Also Andrew and staff are great at customer service.
God bless work safe.
Anthony in North Alabama

Today I began reviewing some YouTube videos created by Mike Festiva on Fusion 360, he’s easy to follow and is familiarizing me with the basics. Unfortunately, he stopped producing additional videos about two years ago, so the search is on to find another creator who’s style works for me.
Nick M

I hear you. I watched the same videos. Mike was a great place to get a basic understanding of Fusion 360. What I realized, however, after watching his videos, I learned enough where I was no longer wasting my time on Fusion 360. I had enough know-how to where I could at least create a basic 2D layout. From there it was experimenting with what I thought the next steps were, or searching for other videos specific to the Fusion 360 task I wanted to complete. You’re right though, Mike had a great teaching style!

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I think I’ll try to find other videos that can at least get me through to exporting the file. Then I’ll move on to figuring out how to import and set up the droid to cut.

CONGRATS …Now the fun begins. Good luck.

I agree, those videos got me going and left me stumbling along to figure out the rest. I’m getting it done but I’m sure I’m developing improper habits

Can anyone recommend a beginner friendly YouTube producer of Fusion 360 tutorials? There are so many tutorials on YouTube that I’ve been spending way more time screening videos than learning anything.