Plasma torch cuts out

Hi everyone , need some advice on a problem I’m having . I have a Unimig Viper cut 30 plasma with a cnc port connected to my Arcdroid via the torch signal pins 3 and 4 . After tracing the cut line required and running the machine the torch cuts out 50mm into the cut but then continues to trace the cut line to the end . I must be doing some thing wrong but cannot work out what , Has anyone had a similar problem ?
Thanks in advance


Ummm do you have the ground clamp on the steel?
Sounds like it is cutting out after pilot arc timeout.

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Thanks Andrew The earth clamp was on but I had a bad connection on the plasma , Works great now
The Arcdroid is Awesome !
Thanks again .

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Been there done that, I use a magnet ground easier than using a clamp