Problems with touch screen: Home screen keeps jumping to Settings screen

@Andrew I just left a VM on the Canada number.
This is the video of my touch screen, and what continues to happen when I turn on the ArcDroid or hit the reset button.

Tried washing the screen w/Windex & paper towel. No luck. Started happening today about 4:30 PM EST when I turned it on for the evening. Used the ArcDroid just a few days ago with no problems.

I was able to install the latest August updates, but still no difference in how the screen is acting. Any ideas?

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Sorry we missed your call. I’m actually in Hong Kong right now attending some business so I’m a little behind on voicemail.

You’re a trouble is almost certainly something caught in the corner of the bezel. Ironically this will sometimes happens when you clean the screen and accidentally wedge a piece of paper towel or debris in the edge.
Basically there is something stuck in a corner tricking the machine into thinking there is a finger there.

So have a careful look around the rim, maybe use a toothbrush or the like to give it a quick scrub. Don’t use compressed air you can damage the screen (ask me how I know :roll_eyes:)

If you can try and run the screen calibration routine located in the Settings->Display menu

If all else fails… Create a file on your PC called Reset.txt (no need to put anything in it just empty text file is fine) and place it on you USB drive. Insert and reset this will force the touch calibration.

Hope this helps


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@Andrew I mentioned it on one of my posts quite a while ago, and I’ll mention it again - Your customer service is second to none! Thank you for responding back so quickly with some ideas. I tried the soft brush you suggested, but no success, I removed the case cover for a closer inspection of the bezel and another brushing, but still no difference in how the ArcDroid is responding. The unit still continues to revert back to the Tune screen. I attached the link to a video showing this routine again.

I also tried 3 other cables, thinking that maybe the original was pinched/creating the problem - no difference.

Any thoughts on what we can try next?

@Andrew I attached a video of attempting to calibrate the screen per your recommendation (reset.txt). Still no success. The touchscreen did react slightly different in that some of the “buttons” on the screen would recognize pressure, however, it certainly was not in a consistent manner/basis. (Note how a 4 is added to the Pierce Delay field when I hit the 5 at 1:32 and a 0 pops up when I hit enter button at 1:36+)

Any other ideas?


Hey bob
Sorry you are still having troubles.

Just got back from Hong Kong so catching up.
It’s entirely possible you’ve had a failed screen, although he Jump to Tune is a bit odd makes me suspect something else.

If you’ve got a chance give us a call today (back in the right time zone to actually answer calls)
and we’ll go through he last possibilities Over the phone rather than back an forth on the forum.

If unable to solve the issue we may have to dispatch a new screen to you.


I appreciate the support.
Thanks for the immediate attention! :+1:

@ Andrew Everything is working great now. Thanks again for the help! :+1:

@bobplewajr How about a brief rundown on what the cure was?

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@BobD The replacement touchscreen screen worked. Still not sure what the cause of the problem is with the original screen. Sending it back to Andrew for investigation.

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I have the same problem with my touchscreen. Buttons are non sensitive and irratic. Menus change with a mind of their own. I left a message on your Ontario phone.

I have the same problem. I’ll try to get some videos in the next day or two.

@Helrichfab @Ronc20

Hey Guys
Most screen issues come down to one thing …Dust! First thing people will do after it has been sitting a bit is wipe off the screen… which can then jam a bunch of dust into the bezel edges.
This causes issues because the Screen now thinks ther is a Finger pressing down on that corner and won’t pay attention to the rest of the screen

Simply going around the edge with an old toothbrush to clean out any debris often takes care of screen jumping about issues
Don’t use compressed air as you can accidently inflate the screen (ask me how I know :roll_eyes:)

You can also force the touch screen calibration routine by putting an empty text file labeled “Reset.txt” on your USB drive and resting the machine with it inserted. Once the calibration routine pops up use the tip of a pen or similar to poke the dots for calibration


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I use appliance and grill covers to keep my welders, cutters, engravers safe from saw dust, grindings, etc. This is what I used for the ArcDroid unit itself (16x14x13)
The cover I use for the touchscreen is a pouch that another grill cover came with.