Touch Screen not playing nice

Has anyone had the touch screen not read your finger or just jump to different screens. I was trying to trace a pattern half way though it would change screens. PLEASE HELP

Two things to check. Make sure no debris has gotten between the screen and the case around it. That has caused grief with other people, putting pressure on the screen……
Look carefully at the screen and make sure it is centered within the opening. Some have slipped and caused erratic stuff to happen.
I never removed the protective plastic shipping cover from mine. It doesn’t seem to affect touch function. I also have a flap of leather from a welding apron that I flip over the screen when not using and generally after the plasma cutting gets underway. I always worried about hot slag.

Thank you. I will check the alignment. This was a replacement screen that I got in November and have not used yet.

I checked the alignment and it is fine. Tried to calibrate the screen it would not work

The one time I messed with the screen calibrate it didn’t seem to work either……
You mentioned the screen was replaced in Nov. Was that the entire control box or did you replace the touchscreen itself?
When the screen randomly changes, is it to random menus or generally the same one? That might give a clue to area of the touchscreen to look at for debris trapped and putting pressure on the face.

It was the control box. It will exit out of the trac mode or pull up the save menu in the middle of drawing the part. Then when you want to exit one part it will not exit.


Finicky exit button is not uncommon if screen has lost calibration
Run the screen calibration routine Settings->Touch Screen-> Calibrater Touch Screen

But use the cap of a pen or tip of a pencil or something pointy (but not metal) to do it and you’ll nail the calibration 1st time



I just tried to calibrate the screen. The right bottom would not read (where the exit button is ) i used the stylus pen

Mine is similar, everything works great except exit button area, can’t do that with a glove on, sometimes finger press gives surprise results too