Touch screen issue

Did the calibration, was accepted.
Im finding that zoom or pan on the screen are nearly impossible, very jittery and unstable.
Single touch buttons and everything else seems to work just fine.

Mine seems to do the same thing. I haven’t updated my firmware/software though, and figured that it might have something to do with it.

I think what you guys need to do is just press harder on the touchscreen. What you are describing is very similar to early troubles I had. Andrew mentioned that the touchscreen was designed to also work with gloves on, and that it’s not your typical phone/tablet touchscreen. Try panning/zooming with a bit more pressure, and hopefully that’ll do the trick. Lately, I’ve been using a stylus too. Much more control with the stylus. Good luck!

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Bobplewajr has it exactly right.

I would say that this 7in display is more like a display from a PDA of the 90’s, that is used a stylus for tapping, not dragging a finger. The display is a BigtreeTech TFT7. There are several sizes to chose from, and 7in is their largest. I have been in the 3D Printing space for over 3 years. I actually have the smaller TFT5 installed on a 3D Printer. I have been a collaborative partner with BigtreeTech on a few of my YouTube videos. These displays are readily available and usually under $60. As mentioned I have one on a 3D printer, as these displays are targeted for Marlin based 3D printers. There are typically larger menu icons for a Marlin interface that do not have the need for dragging your finger. This is a resistive vs a capacitive touchscreen, and resistive isn’t know for its finger dragging accuracy. You could either tap the screen or use the jog wheel to navigate. I was really surprised to see this screen in the ArcDroid, plus that it is also running Marlin.
BigtreeTech Displays

Thanks for the info.
I realized my problem… a stupid one, i was trying to use 2 fingers to pinch for zoom…
I now realize its a 1 finger screen and zoom is just sliding 1 finger up or down on the left side of the screen… :+1:

I was using 2 fingers to try and zoom… that wrong, you need to use 1 finger on the left side of the screen…
Infact, always just touch the screen, 1 finger at a time😁

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Good to know! I was using 2 fingers……:roll_eyes::joy:

I had the same difficulties and found using a pen with the cap on helped a great deal.

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