Restarting a cut at certain point?

How does one restart a cut at a certain point if say there is a problem with the torch and you have to stop half way through a cut ?


I’ve never tried restarting at the midpoint of a cut. I have restarted mid run where a pierce is going to start. This is how. Cut problem occurs and I stop the run. I then toggle off the plasma icon, restart as a dry run. When I get to where a pierce is going to occur (z traveling down to touch off) I pause the program. Toggle the plasma icon on and restart the run. Cut starts at the pierce. This may work mid cut just never tried it. Worst that will happen is the plasma won’t trigger.


Will pause work I’ve never tried it I just start back and go over my old cut.

@Xtremist I have tried Bob’s suggestion in the past and it works. I have also simply run the routine with the torch off, and just before you reach the “uncut” area, you can toggle on the torch. No need to pause movement. Whatever works best in your design. Good luck! :+1:


Absolutely this works, and this is what I was having to do, but it is time consuming because in this case there were a bunch of parts nested and it would go 3/4 through the run and then id have to stop and restart all over (dry run) until it got back to that spot…I was just wondering if there was a quicker way to start from a predesignated point.

Thank you for the replies and the help !

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