Still recomend ps lrs-150-24?

Just got my x2 hooked up and ps took a dump… is this still the best ps for arcdroid?

Turns out its not ps taking a dump… the x2 module across the aux connectors is shorting power to ground…

I had that problem with mine. Turned out to be improper wiring in the Droid. The polarity was swapped going to the terminal strip on the case. Installing the X2 connector brought that to light.

Do you have a photo of the fix?

I think it was the connector on the left in the pic. You’ll see + and - on the board that don’t correspond with the red and black. I didn’t have much luck extracting the pins from the socket to swap them. Snipped the wires off and soldered them to the board instead.

@tylorabel So, did you find the problem?

it was the wires preventing me from powering up. with them flipped i can power it on atleast but now i think i might have other issues because its not seeing the x2 as connected… which means i still might we swapped on wired inputs. but at least its not shorting to ground now :slight_smile:

Sorry if annoyed, but what is ps ?

ps stands for Power supply