THC (Torch height control) feedback

Having enabled THC on my droid recently I got to experimenting with it. Initially I was getting mixed results. some cuts were great others the THC didn’t perform as I expected, even glitching the machine to needing a reset.

After a while of trying new things I was convinced EMI noise was causing some issues so I did a few experiments and found that a simple ferrite core on my combined THC and Trigger cable fixed every issue instantly - now having just spent an afternoon cutting with THC enabled, I have not had a single glitch.

Could I have found the answer to my problems? Hard to know for sure but thought I would share my experience incase others have the same issues.

A simple snap on ferrite core 3" from the end of my 4 wire cable at the droid end seems to have had a positive effect. (2 trigger and 2 THC divided voltage <5vdc)