Toolpath dfx file

good day everyone. I have a question. I see on several sites that dfx files are offered for plasma cutting. there appears to be no tool path included. now I could make it myself via F360, but I wonder if simpletrace might already generate a tool path for a dfx. Is there another program besides 360 that can do this automatically?


Yes the ArcDroid will load .dxf files directly and you can do the tweaking to the drawing in SimpleTrace.
However it is memory limited so if you have a crazy complex stars and stripes with flaming eagles and fireworks kind of file it may not fit.

If you want to do tool pats in the PC I still recommend the free version of Fusion 360 as the best overall. But you can also use Qcad or SheetCAM. We have post processors for all three on our website


Thanks !

Is there a manual how to do it in simple trace