Using machine around water

So i recently finished a water table for my droid, and i noticed that water likes to splash up on the droid platform, so my question is is it a going to be a problem with the droid? And if so can i use some silicone sealant around the base of the droid to keep the water out??

There is a basic seal inside but I ended up using a malleable sealing putty that stays soft but keeps out dust and water. i think silicon might hinder access inside if ever you needed to open it up. Either way, additional protection is a good idea for sure as the power supply is right screwed to the bottom plate behind the front cover and if water got in there you will know about it for sure!

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Oh ok so something like plumbers putty

yea lots of options these days so long as its waterproof should be fine.

Awesome, thank you for the advise