Water Table

I finish my water plasma table.
Some of the features are:

  • pneumatic lift for cutting other metal than plate
  • guard over the USB port on the screen
  • guard to protect the ArcDroid
  • the arm that holds the torch cable rotates, slides in and out and the cable holder is a ball style alignment coupler which allows the cable to move however it needs to.
  • being it’s a water table there is virtually no smoke.


Nice job. Looks pretty well thought out. Definitely the fanciest set up posted to date! Certainly not a low budget build. Good work!

The fun thing is that I made it out of components that were obsolete in our business. I bought the aluminum checker a number of years ago at an auction for pennys. One of our suppliers sent us a bundle of the wrong aluminum extrusion and told us just to keep it. We couldn’t use it at work so I took it home.
The only thing I bought were 2 caster, the Ram mount and the little air valve.
It was a fun project.


Wow, extremely nice. I would like to build one. Any change I could buy some plans or build instructions?

Hi Mike
I’m away for 3 weeks. When I get back I can send more pictures as I don’t have any drawings.

Love the setup. I could see the height control table being very useful at times. I may have to incorporate that feature in my table.

Hi Mike,
I just sent this note to another fellow who was interested in the water table.The table frame is made out of aluminum extrusions. If you go to amazon and search for aluminum extrusion it comes up. You will also need to order the 90 degree brackets for bolting it all together. I think each bracket comes with the fasteners but make sure that is the case. I machined 3/16 slots on a 2" spacing in aluminum angle and tig welded it to the water pan for the grate. I used 1/8 x 1.5 steel for the grate itself. The pan is made out of .060 aluminum checker plate. I had this in my shop already otherwise I probably would have used plain aluminum sheet. The guided lift cylinder was something that i had and it worked good for this application. You would have to do something different because of the X2 unit. With the lift it will allow you to cut profiles in tubes, that’s why i chose to do that. If you need anything else please let me know.
I just checked and they sell guided cylinders on Amazon as well