What does NaN mean?

I bought a dxf file from etsy. I am attempting to cut another sea animal… it’s uploaded to my usb and when I load it there are no values in in the height or width boxes…NaN appears in both boxes…???
I’ve tried scaling it up and down and neither value changes… anybody know what NaN means?
What should I do?


Every DXF file i have downloaded off the internet has had errors in it, from zero length vectors to bad intersections etc

Maybe AM will explain the trace response but if you want to share the DXF I will check it for errors

That would be great. I’ve used this person with other files but for some reason this one is weird.
What’s your email and ill send it.

you can send it to arcd@zapmail.co.uk

NaN (Not a Number ) is a numeric data type that means an undefined value or value that cannot be represented, especially results of floating-point calculations. May try formating drive again and re download file.

Good morning,
Thank you for your response. Kind of makes sense. I’ll take your suggestion and see what happens. Thank you again.

Yep like @Joatmon says NaN means Not a Number.
Basically it means there are shapes or data in the .dxf file that ArcDroid can’t process.

Happens mostly with files created in non CAD drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator.
Have them save the file in an Earlier version of .dxf (say 2003) and you may find it comes in better.

Remember .DXF is a 45 year old format and fully of all kinds of weird patches etc. And the ArcDroid can only do so much!


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This is I guess a part of the learning curve.
I appreciate your explanation. To avoid problems buying files on etsy that the Arcdroid can’t identify with… Is there a question I need to ask the seller prior to purchase of a dxf file to avoid any problems in the future?

Thanks again.

I’m having a Blast Andrew playing with the Arcdroid…
Making some very cool stuff.


Hey Glenn - Did you send me the file? If so I didn’t get it.
It is as Andrew says - DXF file format is all over the place My CAD software allows me to save in at least 6 different DXF formats

If you want to upload it on here I will check it over and repair any errors for you

Hi Matt, I sent them yesterday. I reached out to the seller but she’s not able to help. I would be forever grateful to you if you could take a look for me. As I stated before this stuff is like speaking a very foreign language to me…
There are actually 2 files I purchased with the same NaN.
Thank you so much for your help.


bundle-14ad (2).dxf (3.35 MB)

(Attachment 25 (2).zip is missing)

As predicted - the file has 32 overlaps - should be zero and 968 intersections - should be zero

If you were to plot or print this or even use a laser to etch this then it makes no difference but cutting on a plasma is very different. Lines cross over each other and would make for a bit of a messy cut IMHO.
The screen shot shows the issue areas

there are 14 sea animals in one file. Really needs to be split into separate files.

I have fixed the size issue but not any of the vector issues.
I have separated the animals into their own file so should at least load into simple trace
Really they need processing in a CAD program.
See how you go as they are if you like and report back
1.dxf (366.6 KB)
2.dxf (461.8 KB)
3.dxf (191.2 KB)
4.dxf (311.6 KB)
5.dxf (113.3 KB)
6.dxf (452.5 KB)
7.dxf (137.8 KB)
8.dxf (136.2 KB)
9.dxf (186.5 KB)
10.dxf (90.6 KB)

11.dxf (116.7 KB)
12.dxf (238.7 KB)
13.dxf (325.0 KB)
14.dxf (509.9 KB)

WOW…Very Confusing!!! I put a request in to the seller for her to make individual dxf for each fish. She says she will do that tomorrow. Thank you for your help Matt.


Hello Matt, the girl I bought the file from is working on getting each animal its own file. I bought another one only to find NaN again. Can you please take a look at this one, it’s a single file and not a bundle. I really like this one as it’s my hobby and I want to cut out several for gifts to my kiteboarding friends.
Any help you can provide would be Amazing and I’d be forever grateful.



Once again this had 17 zero length vectors ie errors in it. Yet to find a DXF off the internet without errors. I think It was made in a drawing app like Illustrator for printing.

This file isn’t really suitable “as is” for plasma IMHO as the string lines are way too close together and will simply merge under the torch head, but I have fixed it anyways Good luck cutting it! Let us know how you get on.

KITESURFING 9 Fixed.dxf (311.9 KB)

Awesome Matt …
I thought the same thing about the lines going to the kite.
However, on other projects there’s been some very thin cuts that had turned out good.
I appreciate you Matt.
I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks again,