Wont play through auto ordered cut

Hi guys, what am i doing wrong here? I ordered inside out on my simple trace cut and it cuts one box then stops when i hit run


Can you share the file?
We’ll have a look and see what you are doing wrong


i cant upload on here unfortunately

Works fine for me…

Will it work for you dry run? But Not work with torch on?

Also you have committed the cardinal sin of Simple trace. Your Origin is way off from your sketch
You should ALWAYS choose your zero point first In the area you are going to trace Before beginning your trace. Otherwise it is impossible to move around where you want it

it will not run on dry run, it cuts the first square and says reached endpoint.

If you’re getting an “endstop reached” popup when the torch rises, it means the Z axis is hitting the upper limit. You need to decrease your Z Clear height in the Tune menu.