A Firepit Wedding Gift

A wedding gift.
I modeled it in Fusion 360. Bought some mountain shape DXF’s from Etsy. Exported the sketch for each side as a DXF and used that to inspire Johnny5 (the name of my Arcdroid, whom I often refer to as my one-armed enslaved robot). I also used the Fusion 3D model to design and 3D print some welding jigs to hold the angles just right while welding. All made out of rusty scrap metal I had laying around the yard. A pretty easy weekend job with all these fancy tools!


Do you have cut files you would like to share?

Mountains1.dxf (66.4 KB)
Mountains2.dxf (72.7 KB)
Mountains3.dxf (17.1 KB)
Mountains4.dxf (26.8 KB)

Here’s DXF’s for 4 of the 6 sides of the firepit. I am not posting the DXF with the names/wedding dates. You can just use 2 more of the side plates.

This forum doesn’t seem to allow uploading STEP files for the 3D printable welding jigs, if you want to those, I suppose you can send me a DM and I can send them to you too.

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Thanks I’m down for maintenance right now version three table once I get new parts ordered ill be back up and running.

Nice work! Your pit is a beast. That’s gotta weigh in at close to 300#? Will last you both a long time. Love the natural “patina” too. Looks great!: :+1: