Adjustable ArcDroid height for material other than plate

Geantvert asked for photos of my adjustable height solution, so here it is…It will go over 12”. I have a pin that can be changed on the bottom of the jack that gains 2” and the height of the head of the ArcDroid itself can give some more. I may not use it often, but I wanted that option. I retrofitted this table. It stays outside. The ArcDroid locates on the posts. One small clamp will hold it down.


great, thanks for sharing. I hadn’t imagined it like that. very interesting…:+1::+1::+1:

@Cmsmoke That’s a pretty slick set up. Must have been a bit tough getting the rails aligned properly. Keep them greased up so the weather doesn’t eat’m up.

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Nice. That’s kind of like the second table I’d made months ago. It’s adjustable in 1 inch increments. Up to 3 inches. Unlike yours (which I like for larger material), the grates, itself(not the frame), are where the adjustments can be made. Nice job.

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That is so cool to bad I invested in my set up if it ever quits raining and I can put it together lol