Arcdoid fan noise

Hi, I just received my arcdroid from Hare and Forbes Sydney. Very quick turn around.
I have only just unboxed and started to do the calibration. Once turned on there is a buzzing sound, which I believe to be the fan. Turning the machine off has the buzzing sound slows down a has a noticable rotating click decreasing to a stop. Is this normal? The sound is there when the arms are stationary, so not the machine noise from the drives.
Not a good start for a brand new machine.
Any advice appreciated.

No that is definitely not normal. And could have been damaged in shipping . Their uility Control on these machines is great dont see one getting out of there making a noise. Mine you can not hardly tell it is on . Only way i know it is on is the screen lights up.Not normal at all

Anthony in ALABAMA

Thanks for that, I thought as much, I was just looking for some reconfirmation- reassurance. Didn’t want to go back to the supplier if it was normal. I have a lincoln Welder with a very loud fan but it is the fan wind noise, not a mechanical noise. My concern with the vibration is that it can be felt through the comms port, by moving the cable the sound changes which concerns me that the vibration might eventually damage the internal circuit board. I’m, presuming the fan in question is circuit board mounted.