Cutting 3/8" Steel Donuts, outer circle won't cut!

I’m cutting 3/8th steel for the first time. I have been cutting 3/16th donuts and other shapes no problem and accurately.

ISSUE: Now while attempting to cut donuts in the 3/8th, the machine will cut the inner holes (1.625" diameter), but when it moves to cut the outer hole (5" diameter) it fails to even pierce the material. I’ve changed the pierce height and am able to cut the inner holes with 1/8th pierce Z, as well as 1/16th pierce Z, but neither will pierce once the machine moves to perform the outer ring’s cut. I’ve tried pierce delay going from .9 up to 2seconds, but to no avail. Cut speeds of 25- 18IPM have been working for the inner ring, but not for the outer ring. I’ve leveled the material and it doesn’t appear that the torch is too high when attempting the second ring. It should be cutting, I just don’t know why it won’t for the outer ring.

I have a Razorweld 45amp, I’ve switched consumables, there is no buildup from the inner circle’s cut that is affecting the outer circle’s cut.

Any insight and help is appreciated

Check your ground and your air pressure your torch may be running out of air and shutting down, mine use to do that till I bought all new lines and compressor, mine will also stop working if I lose 100% ground Hynade (CUT60DN).