Cutting during torch movement between cuts

Hi All
Loving the arcdroid so far. Ive tuned in the cuts to where I am very happy and am using LightBurn software, which I transfer across to arcdroid as gcode .

The problem I am experiencing is when I open the file on the arcdroid it loses a fair bit of the light burn’s settings. For instance travel speed goes to 6000 (mm) and it is representing movements of the torch as ‘cuts’. I have gone over and over the LightBurn software and when I ‘play’ the cut on LightBurn it all looks perfect.

I do need to update my firmware as its a new machine, but having trouble unpacking the zip file on Mac… so maybe its that?

Is there any way I can remove these unwanted cuts in arcdroid? what am I doing wrong here?


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open the gcode file a text editor and look for the codes:
M3 (This is plasma torch on)
M5 (This is plasma torch off)
G0 (set up torch before cut and Rapid move between cuts)

check to make sure M5 is before G0 for each move

Thankyou. You have nailed it… for some reason lightburn gcode scripts were being interpreted by the arcdroid as cuts. Ive reverted back to .dxf, albeit i know this will impact the file complexity.

Unfortunately now im getting a really strange occurence of mirror imaged objects/cuts being significantly out of alignment. Ive recalibrated twice and still occuring, so will go hunting for whats causing that now!..