Failure to initiate the ark

My Arcdroid has been working very well. Suddenly, the arc does not strike up and run. I’ve tested the consumables and have changed to a different torch with the same result. Your thoughts? Working against a deadline.
I tried uploading a video of it sparking, and then just air and a photograph of my high need plasma cutter cut660 DN

I have the same plasma cutter check your ground, run a continuity check on both ends also ground to your work piece not the table, second check your z height to high and it will cut out and last check your air pressure mine will cut out if air pressure at the machine gets too low. On your plasma set the switch to continuous air flow and make sure both air gauges are equal. Last make sure you’re not running in 4 T. After all that you’re not the only one that wishes I had bought a different cutter.

Saw the Video online of what is happening
I’m pretty sure your plasma cutter is faulty. You will need to check with the manufacturer on that.

I agree. Thank you. I hope you are enjoying success.

If you figure out how to get a hold of them let me know I’ve been trying for 6 months

Amazon gave me the following link

I’ve been to it, but it does not mention the Hynade Plasma cutter.
I know there aren’t too many out there with this machine but was wondering what you are using for amperage speeds and pressure. My best results have been 16 gauge 30 amps at 55psi, 14 gauge 40 amps at 110ipm and 60psi, 11 gauge 45 amps at 110psi and 60 psi. I know I could run faster if I kept it at 45 amps or higher, but I hate to fix too much that isn’t broken. 3/16 45 amps at 45 ipm and 60psi although I have got decent results from 50ipm. If I find anything else I’ll let you know.

Thanks for the numbers. They are close to what we’ve been zeroing in on as we learn. Increasing air flow and improving grounding attention has helped a lot. It’s odd that we’ve run it with the former air pressure with no problem. Must have been at the limits and gotten moisture of build up that reduced performance.

My problem was a older hose kept collapsing reducing air flow went to HF got a short lead hose and I kept the tanks air flow to maximum, you do know that the plasma adjusts the internal air pressure to the voltage input. You don’t need a in-line regulator?

I didn’t know that. I’m thinking we had the regulator set at the lower limits of the plasma cutter.

I put a good water separator in line and try to keep the tank drained consumables are expensive

They never did reply.

My next one will be cheapest I can find then use the one i have for thicker metal