Fault code , trying to calibrate

He’ll I’m trying to get my new arc droid started the code touch off encoder access x error 1 comes up when you start calibration it try’s to home and this code keeps coming up. Any idea what to do the tech is on vacation time till 2nd and would like to get fired up thanks


Touch off error could mean a few things, but first thing to do is reset things.
Can you try this for me.
Make sure the Arms are out in the middle somewhere loose and not likely to interfere with each other.
Power ON
Do Not home
go to Settings->Machine Settings->Scroll down to bottom->Reset Default Settings
Exit out, saving on the way out
go to G-code terminal->type G28K->send

Machine should now do a homing maneuver and store new home position.
Does it throw the same error?

let me know


I did all of that and same code comes up

This comes up after I do g28k send

Okay sounds like you may have a failed encoder.

Can you please send an email to andrew@arcdroidcnc.com with your name and order details and well as a brief summary of the issue and we’ll see about getting you some replacement bits.


Thank you hope can be speedy thanks