General cart for the arcdroid

Here is my set up. I love this thing. Perfect with someone with small garage and no Cad experience, although even better with Cad experience.
Excited for the next update!!

4 drawer General cart
Everlast 62i with machine torch


That looks awesome! Would like to see more of how you’re holding the torch and cable up. I do see the bar but that doesn’t provide the details of how you’re keeping the weight in check.

Nothing special just a solid 1/2” Rod that I bent and then just ran the plasma cable up and along, holding it with some up zip ties

With a machine torch you have to do something
To keep the weight off of those arms


For sure!

The first time I ran mine it almost dragged itself off the table. Caught it in time but wasn’t expecting that. The arm is much stronger than I thought it would be.