Minimum hole that the ArcDroid can accurately cut?

What is the minimum hole size that the arcdroid can cut with any precision? I ask because i have an idea to create a work flow to allow it to cut N size sheets using a special jig. Of which the minimum hole size that would yield the most accurate results would be helpful! Also it seems my ArcDroid has shipped! So Super happy about that!
thank you

It has a lot to do with how thick the material is. A smaller hole can be made in 20ga versus 1/2” steel. Typically with decent consumables the kerf is about .030” in 1/8” steel. Piercing becomes an issue the smaller the hole. Usually .100” lead in from the pierce works preserving the hole. Thicker material needs more lead. I haven’t tried to see how small a hole can be well cut myself. 5/16” dia. in 1/8” is pretty easy to get good results.
There are thin kerf consumables available that may help get smaller.

Thank you so much! 1/8 inch or 3.12mm, so let’s go with 4 or 5 mm is good enough. OK i will go with 5mm!

Thank you. i am going to gen up some drawings now to explain my idea based on that.

I have done 1/8 and 4mm holes in 1/8 metal