My table and first project

Here’s a couple of snaps of the table my dad built. The monitor arm was a real treat

Running the unimig razor80

And couple more pics of my first serious project. Some cutouts in posts for a staircase hand rail.


Nice work! What is the slat spacing?

@Geordie Very Nice! Do you mind if we share a couple of those on Instagram? Will tag you of course if you have a handle

Nice Job! You need to keep your Dad around for sure!

Not a problem at all.

Yes he is a talented man, retirement is working well for him, doesn’t know how he had time to work!

Ill re check next time I’m at the machine, but they are 3mm x 50mm flat, so at a guess approx. 75mm (3") spacing.

My Dad said that all the time!

Really good ideas here, I like to look around and see whos got what and fab my own with various things I’ve seen from you guys. Thanks

What arm did you use for the screen?

It’s a cast aluminium monitor arm that mounts onto the edge of the desk, we got a bunch of them out of a demolition project I worked on.

I’ll see if I can find any branding on them. Dad made a bracket that fiction fits the actual droid screen and adapted that to the monitor mount


Found a whole wheelie bin full still un-scrapped haha