Touch screen mount

What are people using to mount their touch screen to their cutting table? I’m thinking an articulated arm of some sort, any ideas??

This is what I use.
Joy Seeker Single Monitor Arm with USB, Fully Adjustable Monitor Desk Mount, Heavy Duty Gas Spring Computer Monitor Mount for 13 to 32 Inch Holds 19.8lbs Screen with Clamp and Grommet Base

I secured two pieces of angle iron to the vesa mount in order to “cradle” the touchscreen

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That looks good, I ordered one!

Small cart stand for the 'Droid - Gallery Archive - ArcDroid™ Forums (

@AK_Marty, you’ll see that I left the description of the single monitor arm, but I removed the link. For whatever reason, the link that was previously pasted, was for a double arm instead of the single arm that I use. If you bought the double arm, it’ll still work, since you’ll most likely use the bolt thru option to mount it to your table rather than the clp method. I am sorry for any mixup.

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I ordered the suptek arm off of Amazon. I had it mounted where the base was level with my table but went to cut a piece of steel larger than the table. Now it’s mounted so I can put the arm and monitor below table height and slide my steel anywhere I want it.

The link had both single and double arm available, so I ordered the single arm. Thanks for the info!

If you look close I made an articulated arm to mount the display on. Works good


What did you use to suspend the torch whip? Just a clamp on a rod? Thanks.

I made an arm out of 1/2” round that can swivel with with a bent loop at the end that the plasma cable can hang through with a small gap so I can take it out when needed.

Can kinda see it in this pic

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Ha ha I thought I just invented this, sounds like every one is doing it

I used a tablet stand with two magnet screwed on the bottom and the unit held on with Velcro, I can put it anywhere and it stays put.

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