Noob to it all. I'm just after some advice in regards to compressor cfm

Hi all.
Arc droid has just landed today in the UK I’m really excited to use it. I’ve also purchased the hynade cut60dn
I’m just looking over the spec sheet and it’s stating that it requires 45Lpm cfm in order to run!
My question is what type of comp or tank would you recommend?
Most compressors in the UK that produce 45lpm are on 3 phase.
I require compressor on single phase.
Any advice would be great.
Thank you.

get a petrol or diesel unit

@Cloaked Not sure if I’m missing something here…. Isn’t 45liters/min equal to 1.59 cubic ft/min? That isn’t a very big compressor and certainly not the realm of only 3 phase. I think a typical 3hp 220v compressor can deliver 12cfm at 90psi. Or did you mean 450liters/min?

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It should match the requirements of your plasma cutter I have a 50Ltr tank that can produce 75psi its single phase, have you plasma cut before?

Yeah I’ve had one in the past that was hf start. But I was running a very large comp (with reg) in my workshop so cfm wasn’t really a issue. But now I’ve closed down the workshop and was starting with the arcdroid in my garage.
I’ve also brought a blow back plasma to suit the arcdroid but was unsure on what size comp to run.

Bigger is better, on long cuts you may run out of air!

Sorry I keep forgetting to look at date’s