Why is my arc droid cutting along the travel path?

for some reason My Droid is cutting along the path to the next cut. not sure how to remedy this? Can Anyone help me out? thanks

You have to back out and load one cut at a time if you go from one item to the next it will not load cut paths, you don’t have to save each cut but back out to the simple trace page and start again. trust me everyone has done this. it took me forever to figure it out, now i can load a cut in a few minuets where it took hours before. kick back and relax you have a cnc the fun has just started.

Hey Jimmy Thanks for that info.I will definitely try that… it was getting very frustrating for sure.
Really appreciate it.


Do You mean the Plasma cutter is staying on during the Travel moves (white lines)?
If so check your plasma cutter for a 2T 4T setting. 4 T will do this.

@jdd what are you talking about? You can create as many cut paths as you want in one file and save it together. I’m not sure what you are describing there but it sounds incorrect


yes it cuts when traveling the white lines. where would i look for the 2t or 4t settings? i have everlast 62i if that helps?

For an Everlast it’s the lock mode… you should be in CNC mode…you probably have it in Lock On mode


awe yes that’s probably it. let me switch that and give it a try. thanks Andrew