Z rising up during cuts as if it zero's itself after a previous cut

I keep having an issue where once I start a cut, as it continues to move from one cut to the next, the z starts the next cut at a higher position until I get the end stop error. I have only used this machine 2x since I unboxed it. Due to my being overwhelmed with work, it has been sitting it the box since I purchased it months ago. I have calibrated it twice now. With basic shapes, one at a time, it seems to work fine. When I load a dxf with several shapes, it starts doing this. Should it be finding z on every cut? If so, it seems like it’s getting stuck and not actually lowering to the bed as it should or it has some software issue causing this. Any help would be great as I am seriously frustrated with this thing.

Make sure your z cable is not tied to anything then a couple lite drops of oil on the slider

It’s not tied to anything and has no issue when toggling the z axis. It raises and lowers just fine manually. It’s almost like it’s losing count of the steps once it gets started on multiple objects but I’m not ruling out it getting stuck. I would think if were getting stuck, it would get happen while moving it manually as well.

What plasma cutter are you using could be interferes issues I would e mail Andrew and ask him, your problem could be a quick fix. PS if you figure it out let everybody know in this post so other people can learn I hate being left in the dark.

@Clintified Have you tried say, multiple circles laid out with Simple Trace? It sounds like a dxf file issue to me. The Z should be going up to your clearance setting and touching off on the material to start each cut.

Hypertherm 45. older version not the xp.

I have had issues with this even with the simple trace cutouts which were the first items I cut. I thought it could be an issue with the dxf file but honestly the code is built within the machine. The problem I am seeing is it randomly not touching the material on some cuts and then to the point of hitting the z limit (upper). The first time I had this issue I power cycled the machine which seemed to fix it. Then the issue resurfaces the next time I use the machine. I think the gcode may be the issue or the command to touch the material is not being placed between the cuts … I’m sure you know what I mean.

I use the same plasma machine so that is not the issue. Your best bet is to call Andrew for some assistance.

I’m not sure how the Z axis is controlled but it’s almost as if whatever the cable is riding on is loose or binding up during cuts. I don’t think that is the issue because I should see something like this during manual operation (which has been smooth). It leads me to believe it’s software, G-code creation or G-code reading errors. I really have no clue. I will dig into it a bit more before I start calling. I was hoping this was a simple issue someone had already dealt with.


This 100% sounds like a False Probe issue

Thread explaining it here

I’ll check it out. I have the cables hung from above but they are heavy. This definitely could be the issue. Thanks!

Just to let everyone know, Of course Andrew was correct, I didn’t have my cabling centered over the machine and it was causing a false probe issue. Made a really neat item today and have been pleased with the droid. Now I wish I could add some ram…